Students of the Month for January 2021

Max Hernandez portraitMaximiliano Chinchilla Hernandez
Morse Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Amanda Wingert     

Max has been a student of mine for 2 years. Max has made so much progress throughout his Preschool journey. Even though preschool looked a little differently this year, Max has adjusted to the transition of virtual learning with ease. He participates in virtual learning by attending Zoom sessions everyday, engaging in the learning and content that is presented to him, and responds appropriately when he is called upon. Max has grown and benefited from virtual learning this year and it shows in his work that he posts on SeeSaw! Great Job, Max! Ms. Amanda is SO proud of you!


Sophia Romo portraitSophia Romo
Lindbergh Elementary
Nominated by: Cierra Hiatt    

Sophia is a bright student. She is bright in the sense that academically speaking, she is a quick learner, and there is an evident joy seen in her as she challenges herself. She actually lights up, when she has the “aha!” moment. She tries her best in all her coursework, comes to every zoom class, and one of my favorite things about her, is she is one of those students who isn’t scared to ask her help when she knows she needs it.
More than being bright in her classwork, she is just a bright light that both her classmates and I can feel bringing positivity to our day, all through a screen. She comes to every class with a smile, she constantly gives compliments, and despite having never met any of her peers she acts as though all her classmates are her best friends. It is because of her actions that she has helped create a classroom where all the students feel like they can laugh, be silly, and call one another friends.. It is my belief that she deserves to be recognized for the joy she is bringing every day to peers and teachers in such a challenging time for many.

Miranda Ramos de la Rosa portraitMiranda Ramos De la Rosa
Argentine Middle School
Nominated by: Barbara Morris

Miranda is a quiet, polite student. She willingly stays after the majority of the class has been dismissed to complete her own work and then stays to help others who are in class and still working. Miranda is particularly patient with one student who struggles to get work finished because of language issues. Miranda asks guiding questions and helps the student to come up with answers so the student can finish the work. Miranda’s kind efforts help allow me to work with other students needing assistance, while keeping track of her and the other student. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate Miranda and how much this award is well deserved!


Christian Murillo portraitChristian J Murillo
Wyandotte High School
Nominated by: Sheyvette Dinkens  

Christian has been a delight to have in class. He is very cheerful, participates and is eager to gain new knowledge. He is effective when communicating a delay in arriving to zoom and/or inquiring about a particular assignment. I am amazed about his synergy during this time. I know that he will go far with his tenacity and curiosity.




Posted January 27, 2021


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