TIS Tech Help Directions

Anyone needing assistance with broken iPads or computers, or replacement charging devices will need to go to 2220 N. 59th Street, Kansas City, Kansas. Go down the stairs to left of the blue awning located on the north side of the building and push the buzzer for assistance.

Face masks will be required, and if there is a line, social distancing will be required.

To access TIS, Go down these stairs:

facade of TIS and stairway

Once at the bottom of the stairs, press the buzzer for entry:

Front doors and buzzer to TIS

KCKPS technology experts will be available to assist you Monday thru Friday from 7:30am until 11:30am.

Additional Questions

What if we still do not have internet at our house?
The district has purchased additional hotspots for students who do not currently have internet in their home. Parents should contact their child’s school for a hotspot.

How much does it cost if my device is broken or I need a replacement part?

Fee Chart:

iPads and Chromebooks

  • Physical damage $25
  • Missing charger $25
  • Device missing or stolen $50

MacBook Air

  • LCD/Screen damage $50 (or 7 hours of community service)
  • Keyboard damage $40 (or 5 hours of community service)
  • Damaged/missing charger $25 (or 4 hours of community service)
  • Liquid spill, lost, stolen $150

** some fees may be waived on a case to case basis**

Posted November 19, 2020

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