Transfer FAQ
What are the dates for the transfer window?

Transfer window begins on March 1, 2021 and ends at 11:59 pm on April 2, 2021

What is a Transfer Window?

Transfer Window is a time period where certified staff who desire to change locations within their content/level, move to a new content/level within the district can request for a transfer, or move to a new position (Teacher to Counselor) 

Who is eligible to apply for a transfer?
  • Certified staff who have completed 3 or more years of service in KCKPS. Staff must have completed year 3 by the start of the 2021-2022 School year. 
  • Must have an active license in KS for the position/content/grade level that is being applied for at the time the application is submitted. 
Where can I access the application?

The applications for transfer will be viewable on the district employment website at Please note that the Internal Transfer postings are not visible to external candidates. You will need to create or log in to your INTERNAL applicant account to view the postings and complete a condensed application. If you have not already denoted your account as internal, you can do so from the site directly via the section highlighted below:

Click the "Current USD500 Employees Enter Here" Link on the TED K-12 website

How will I know what jobs are available for internal transfer? 

There will be 9 job postings marked as “Internal Transfer Request-(content option) which staff can complete based on their desire to change locations within that content/level, or to move to that content/level within the district. When selecting which content/level application to complete, keep in mind that the option you select indicates that you are either:

  • Are a current staff member in that content desiring only to change locations 


  • Are current staff member in the district desiring to teach in that content or level area
  • The content options are: 
    • Early Childhood
    • Elementary 
    • Middle School (all endorsements)
    • High School (all endorsements)
    • Alternative School
    • Special Education
    • ESL
    • Counselors and Gen Ed Social Workers
    • Art/Music/PE
When will applications be reviewed?
  • All applications will be reviewed after the transfer window closes on April 2, 2021.
  • Any principal or district administrator within the position, grade level, or content area in which you’ve applied can view your application.
Will I have to interview? 

A formal interview process will follow if you are identified as a candidate of interest.

How will I know if my request has been approved or denied?
  • Approved applications for transfer will have an application status coded as “Transfer Request Approved”. 
  • Disapproved applications for transfer will be coded as “Transfer Request Denied”.
Application status shows “Request Approved” what’s next?

If you are identified as a candidate of interest by a principal(s), they will reach out to schedule a formal interview. 

How will I know if I received a transfer offer?

The HR team will email you at your district email with any offer(s) to transfer.

Am I guaranteed to receive a transfer offer because my application status says “Transfer Request Approved”?

No. If no Administrators select you as a candidate of interest, then you will not be offered a transfer option. 

Will my current principal or administrator be notified that I requested a transfer? 

Yes. All administrators with potential and confirmed vacancies for the 2021-2022 school year will receive the list of Certified staff that have an approved Transfer Request. 

Who can I contact for additional information? 

Certified- HR assistant (TBD position is in process of being filled)